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The Advanced Guide to Invisalign® Treatment in Growing Patients

Brought to you by the founders of the Complete Aligner Programme, The Advanced Guide To Invisalign® Treatment In Growing Patients combines theoretical teaching with hands-on practice and protocols based on 10,000 combined treated cases, covering all aspects of Invisalign® clear aligner therapy.

Led by highly experienced, Diamond II Invisalign® providers, this programme leaves delegates with an extensive and complete knowledge of Invisalign® treatment, all in one succinct course. Delegates leave with advanced techniques and tricks to master clear aligner therapy.

Course Information

  • Venue: Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s
  • Date: 6th-7th September 2024 - Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s
  • Course Fee: £1,600 (inc VAT)

More dates to be released soon


Course Aims

To enhance the proficiency and confidence of orthodontists and Dentists in utilising Invisalign® system for the treatment of paediatric and adolescent patients.

Course Objectives

1. To develop the skills to effectively set up treatments for young child and teen cases by understanding and using the Invisalign ClinCheck Pro system. This includes learning how to make appropriate modifications to the ClinCheck, such as tooth movements, attachments, and interproximal reduction, to achieve the desired treatment outcomes.

2. To understand indications and timings for early interceptive treatment.

3. To enhance patient engagement strategies and optimize customer conversions for improved outcomes.

4. To obtain practical, hands-on training that enhances your proficiency in treatment planning for child and teen cases.

5. Learn techniques to streamline the Invisalign workflow for increased efficiency and productivity in your business.

6. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of Invisalign treatment vs. fixed braces in adolescent patients.

7. Participants will learn strategies for optimizing the ClinCheck treatment plan. This includes fine-tuning tooth movements, adjusting attachments and their placements, and incorporating additional features like elastics or aligner wear schedules.

Learning Outcomes

This course meets the criteria for the GDC’s Development Outcome C.

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Course Syllabus

Introduction to Invisalign treatment for teens and young patients including understanding treatment need in this group of patients

  • • Indications and Timing for Early Treatment- Evidence-based considerations for initiating early treatment
  • • Suitable Malocclusions for Early Treatment- Identifying malocclusions that benefit from early intervention
  • • Benefits of Early Treatment- Exploring the advantages of early orthodontic treatment
  • • Invisalign treatment vs. Fixed Braces- Comparing the benefits of Invisalign treatment and fixed braces

Marketing and Practice Integration of Invisalign treatment for Teen Patients

  • • Initial Appointment and Incorporating Invisalign Zone for Improved Conversion Rates
    • a) Introduction to Invisalign Zone
  • • Streamline your consultation workflow and improve consumer engagement with Invisalign Practice App and iTero intraoral scanner
    • a) Essential records for Invisalign treatment
    • b) Comprehensive record-taking and the benefits of using the Invisalign Practice App
    • c) ClinCheck® In-face Visualisation
    • d) Itero auto-upload feature
    • e) Utilising the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro for improved conversion rates
    • f) Treatment plan template implementation

Patient & Parent Communication & Objection Handling

ClinCheck Pro Software and 3D controls

  • • Complete ClinCheck Pro Software Setup Walkthrough
  • • Live update for 3D controls- Complete control of your ClinCheck treatment plans
  • • Tools
  • • Bolton’s Discrepancy
  • • Arch form
  • • Tooth movement table
  • • Overview of Invisalign® Personalised Plan (IPP) feature and its application in treatment planning
  • • Invisalign ClinCheck® Live update
  • • Using the Invisalign ClinCheck® Live update feature

How to set up and optimise your ClinCheck treatment plans with respect to correct biomechanics for various malocclusions and treatment modalities in growing patients

  • • Deep bite
  • • Treating the transversal dimension & arch development
  • • Open bites
  • • Considerations when solving crowding
  • • Class II malocclusions
    a) Class II elastics with bite jump.
    b) Sequential distalisation
    c) Mandibular advancement feature
  • • Class III malocclusions
  • • Staging
  • • Setting up Invisalign First™ Cases
    a) Key considerations and steps for initiating Invisalign First™ treatment
  • • Setting up Invisalign Teen Cases
  • • Extraction of premolars and incisors
  • • Impacted canines and ectopic teeth
  • • Partially erupted teeth
    a) Eruption Tabs
    b) Terminal molar tabs
    c) Semi pontics/pontics

Invisalign fit appointment

  • • Instruments and Materials Required- Overview of necessary tools for Invisalign tray fitting
  • • Preparation of Invisalign Trays and Attachments- Maximising efficiency, efficacy, and ease during tray and attachment preparation
  • • Invisalign Tray Fitting Techniques- Efficient and high-quality methods for fitting Invisalign trays
  • • Post Invisalign Fit Instructions- Guidance for patients regarding care and maintenance after Invisalign tray fitting

Invisalign Appointments- case monitoring and troubleshooting

  • • Performing Stress-Free and Accurate IPR- Techniques for performing interproximal reduction with precision and patient comfort
  • • Refinement Appointments- Streamlining refinement appointments for improved efficiency
  • • Monitoring tracking
  • • Management of Emergencies- Handling emergencies such as loss of attachments, trays, and improper tray fitting

Invisalign Debond appointment

  • • Attachment Removal- Correct techniques for removing attachments
  • • Temporary Night-Time Retainer- Introduction to temporary night-time retainers post-debonding
  • • Retention systems, including Vivera™ Retainers, for Invisalign First Patients

Integrating the Invisalign System into Your Business

  • • The Most Efficient Workflow: From Initial Exam to Debond and Final Review
  • • Using Invisalign Virtual Care to Reduce Chair Time- Exploring the benefits and implementation of virtual care tools to minimize in-office visits and enhance patient experience
  • • Pricing Invisalign First
    a) Strategies for determining the pricing structure for Invisalign First treatment
    b) Considering factors like case complexity, treatment duration, and associated costs
  • • Scalability of Invisalign Treatment vs. Fixed Brace Treatment


ClinCheck Setup Walkthrough

During this session, participants will receive a comprehensive step-by-step guidance on how to correctly set up a ClinCheck treatment plan. The ClinCheck software is a powerful tool used in Invisalign treatment planning, and understanding its features and functionalities is essential for achieving optimal outcomes.

Throughout the ClinCheck setup walkthrough, delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in hands-on exercises to reinforce their understanding of the software. By mastering the ClinCheck setup process, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to create accurate and effective treatment plans, optimizing patient outcomes in Invisalign treatment.

ClinCheck Case Training

Each delegate brings one ClinCheck treatment plan (not yet approved) to discuss the current treatment plan and practice correct setup with the entire group.

In this interactive session, participants will have the opportunity to share their ClinCheck treatment plans and engage in a collaborative learning environment. The objectives of this session include:

1. Case Discussion: Delegates will present their ClinCheck treatment plans, highlighting the proposed tooth movements and treatment objectives. The group will provide constructive feedback and suggestions for optimizing the plans.

2. Correct Setup Practice: Participants will work together to practice the correct setup of ClinCheck treatment plans. This hands-on exercise will enhance their understanding of the software and improve their ability to design accurate and efficient treatment plans.

3. Treatment Plan Refinement: Through group discussions and expert guidance, delegates will learn strategies for refining their ClinCheck treatment plans to achieve the desired outcomes. Tips and techniques for addressing common challenges and troubleshooting will be shared.

By actively participating in this ClinCheck case training, delegates will enhance their skills in treatment planning and gain valuable insights from peers and instructors. This session aims to foster a collaborative learning environment where delegates can further develop their proficiency in utilizing ClinCheck for effective Invisalign treatment.

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About Us

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos thumb1

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos

Diamond II Invisalign Provider

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos attended Gothenburg University in Sweden where he received his Speciality certificate in Orthodontics as well as a Masters with Distinction. Dr Marinopoulos has successfully treated thousands of cases, achieving and maintaining Diamond Apex status for many years. He is part of the top 300 Specialist Providers of Invisalign® in the World. He is also the number one provider of Invisalign® in Europe, Middle East and Africa since 2020.

He spends his time working between different private practices in Wimpole Street and Harley Street. Dr Marinopoulos and Drs Taheri share their expertise and teach nationally and internationally on treatments with clear aligners.

Dr Ramtin Taheri thumb1

Dr Ramtin Taheri

Diamond II Invisalign Provider

Dr Ramtin Taheri also attended Gothenburg University in Sweden where he received his Speciality certificate in Orthodontics. It was during this time that his interest peaked in Aligner therapy as he studied at one of the only universities in the world where Aligner therapy was part of the Post graduate degree.

Dr Taheri together with his brother Dr Damon Taheri, are Diamond Apex providers of Invisalign® in their own practice, Dental On the Banks based in the Sandbanks area. Between them they have treated thousands of cases successfully. He is part of the top 300 Specialist Providers of Invisalign® in the World

Dr Damon Taheri thumb1

Dr Damon Taheri

Diamond II Invisalign Provider

Dr Damon Taheri, like his brother Dr Ramtin Taheri, attended Gothenburg University in Sweden where he received his Speciality certificate in Orthodontics. Similar to his brother, It was during this time that his interest peaked in Aligner therapy as he studied at one of the only universities in the world where Aligner therapy was part of the Post graduate degree.

Nationally, Dr Taheri mentors many other Orthodontic Specialists on the use of clear aligner therapy in complex cases. He is part of the top 300 Specialist Providers of Invisalign® in the World

Upcoming Course Dates

  • 6th-7th September 2024 - Leonardo Royal London St Paul’s
  • Course Fee: £1,600

More dates to be released soon


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